Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine, an emerging healthcare delivery model, increases access to basic services through specialty educated emergency medical services (EMS) providers in an expanded role.

Community Paramedics care for patients at home or in other non-urgent settings both outside and inside the hospital under the supervision of a physician or advanced care provider.

Community Paramedics expand the reach of primary care, public health and the healthcare system. Offering round-the-clock management of illnesses, mental health issues and chronic disease process, the Community Paramedic makes a significant impact in the reduction of readmissions and unnecessary usage of the emergency department.

Through multidisciplinary coordination the Community Paramedic is able to fill the gaps within the healthcare system, improving quality of life and decreasing overall healthcare costs.

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Community Paramedic Technician (CPT):
  • Awards Certificate or Technical Diploma
  • Connects underutilized resources to underserved populations
  • Expands the role of the paramedic (not scope) to provide health services where access to physicians, clinics, and/or hospitals is difficult or may not exist.
  • Exists for the sole purpose of serving the needs of a particular community and its success relies heavily on collaboration among local stakeholders.
  • Follow a pre-existing care plan
  • Functions under the guidance of an advanced care provider

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Community Paramedic Clinician (CPC):
  • Awards Associate Degree
  • Fundamentally similar to the CPT role, however with expansion of capabilities to: physical examination, decision making/critical thinking as related to:
    • History Taking
    • Conducts a physical examination.
    • Evaluation of treatment effectiveness.
    • Performs interventions (treatments).
    • Provides feedback as it relates to effectiveness of the care plan.
    • Collaborates with other healthcare professionals to modify care plan.
Community Paramedic Practitioner (CPP):
  • Awards Bachelor’s Degree
  • Can establish, evaluate and modify a treatment care plan under the guidance of a provider
  • This level builds on the cognitive, affective and psychomotor base knowledge obtained in the previous levels with the expansion of:
    • Physical examination.
    • Evaluates and modifies care plan.
    • Evaluates and modifies treatments
Community Paramedic Advanced Practitioner (CPAP):
  • Awarded Master’s Degree
  • Builds upon previous education and practice
  • Similar to Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner in terms of role and scope.
  • This level has the ability to make treatment decisions.
  • Can prescribe a care plan
  • Has autonomy to drive care under the guidance of physician

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