Our Expanding Community Paramedicine Programs

The Paramedic Foundation and Paramedic Health Solutions announce the innovative, standards-based, Community Paramedicine National Curriculum and Career Pathway. The Community Paramedicine Curriculum introduces appropriately designated levels of certificate and degree programs; entry level through doctorate. The Community Paramedicine Program graduate is prepared to fill the gaps of both in-hospital and out-of hospital workforce, long term care, community and public health, and chronic disease management. More information on the curriculum is available with site registration.
Contact MCE if there is any questions: education@mobilece.org.

November 11, 2016

Mobile CE™

Integrating a global network and resource in education, through innovation, Mobile CE provides outstanding learning opportunities that prepare students to meet the community needs and future challenges of EMS.

Mobile CE is an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Development Education for Emergency Medical Services by the Ohio EMFTS Board (provider# 1422).

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