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Driven by changes in the healthcare environment, communities globally are increasing their reliance on professional paramedic services. In response, several countries are requiring educational advances that include moving toward degree requirements for entry to practice paramedics. Even where not mandatory, employers are seeking a degreed paramedic workforce and the paramedic workforce demands the education and mobility.

The inaugural Global Paramedic Higher Education Council (GPHEC) meeting was held June 5, 2016, in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. This collaborative event offered the opportunity and desire to continue with world representation allowing global educational leaders to join hands, leading the development of the global paramedic profession and career pathway.

We look forward to offering a repository location and informational newsletter, as we move the Global Paramedic Higher Education Council, Community Paramedicine, Critical Intensive Care Paramedicine and the Paramedicine Education Career Pathway forward, as one voice, for the betterment of world health.

The Second forum was held on May 11, 2017, Solihull, England, GBR. The goal of this forum:

  1. Further understand existing and proposed models of higher education in paramedicine
  2. Identify research priorities
  3. Optimize and coordinate efforts
  4. Plan for increasing the global mobility of all paramedics (including but not limited to
    Community Paramedics).

The aim is to seek alignment among the paramedic academic community on essential content, (e.g., foundations, depth and breadth requirements) structure, academic department(s), etc., necessary to educate paramedics on all levels and advance the profession.

We look forward to having you share our vision and join in our mission to contribute to the establishment of global educational goals in paramedicine degree programs.

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