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Community Paramedicine

An evolving model of community-based health care in which paramedics function outside their emergency response and transport roles in ways that facilitate more appropriate use of emergency care resources and/or enhance access to primary care for medically underserved populations.


Emergency medical services are dedicated to providing out-of-hospital medical care, with transport to definitive care for patients. The goal of emergency medical services is to provide treatment on scene to those in need, arrange timely removal of the patient, and provide emergent care en route to the care destination.

Interfacility Transport

The movement and transportation of patients from one healthcare facility to another health care facility. The inter-facility transport of patients between medical facilities is a fundamental component of the healthcare system to ensure continuity of care is provided by appropriately qualified EMS personnel.

Critical Care Transport

The transport of a critically injured or ill patients by a ground or air ambulance, at a level of service beyond the scope of the EMT or Paramedic. Critical Care Transport is necessary when the required ongoing care must be furnished by one or more health professionals in an appropriate specialty area.

Community Partners

Our Community Partners™ Program develops healthy communities through collaborative planning, education, action and advocacy. Starting with the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) through development and delivery of specific health educational needs, we support members and the goal of improving community health.


The implementation of high quality research is needed in order for intervention strategies to be considered an evidence-based practice. Evidence-based education can be defined as an instructional strategy, intervention, or teaching program that benefits by the current results of the high quality research.

Mobile CE™

Integrating a global network and resource in education, through innovation, Mobile CE provides outstanding learning opportunities that prepare students to meet the community needs and future challenges of EMS.

Mobile CE is an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Development Education for Emergency Medical Services by the Ohio EMFTS Board (provider# 1422).

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